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About K+D Architects

K+D Architects was founded in 2019 to help Green Country businesses and organizations create their ideal spaces. We work hard for the client, ensuring they get our full attention, best design ideas, and a comprehensive project experience. We are client-driven, serving as advocates to get your vision and goals into project form and built to your expectations.

Our Approach

Each project has some working parameters. To judge an architectural project’s success, you can look at the budget, time, and expectations – and then look to the client to see if they are happy. These measuring sticks are the same for any architect you work with. Our mission is to be your advocate in this big step for your business, school, church, or organization. That requires effective communication, honest discussions about expectations, and experience that can help craft your vision into an amazing new facility or reconstruction.

The K+D Architecture Team


Jeff Davis


Behind every architecture firm is a technician that is a master of construction documents and bringing ideas and concepts to reality. At K+D Architects, that is Jeff Davis. With 17 years in the field, Jeff has developed a keen attention to detail, and has been a design firm owner since 2010.

Jeff is a big believer that the design process is a relational one. Each project is new and different from those before, and the nuances of the project are effectively defined in the relationship between client and architect.

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