Our Approach

The K+D Approach

With more than 35 years of architecture experience, K+D Architects has long known that customer-centric design is key. Strong partner-client relationships lead to the collaborations that create effective spaces. Those strong relationships only happen when our approach align with your expectations and values.
Small Firm = Direct, Consistent Communication
As a purposefully small and agile firm, we can provide an approach where the customer doesn't see a revolving door of personnel from a large firm. Our name is on the doors and on the business cards. We will be here for the duration of the project, and even for the next project down the line. Listening and comprehension of a client's desires is hard when you're never sure which junior associate's ears will be in the meeting. You have a direct line to the architects working on your project with K+D.

Time and Budget are Critical Elements
A project is not successful if it extends time and/or budget resources. When working with schools, spiritual groups, businesses and more, capital doesn't grow on trees. We understand that we must be a great steward of your resources for your construction experience to be worth mentioning to others.
We Want You to be Our Biggest Fan
At the end of the day, if we've done our job well, you'll become the biggest fans of K+D Architects. If we stand strong to the values we believe make a great approach, then we believe you'll tell others about us.

Upcoming Project or Needs? Let's Talk

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